Monday, May 18, 2009

First time away

I went to New York for 24 hours. My first time leaving my darling daughter and I was a bit teary-eyed. Of course, that was only for a second til I stepped foot off of the plane and onto my beloved New York City!! I love that city...though to be honest, I really wished Dillon and Greg could've been with me and that we were there for longer.
We will definitely be going back in August (when Dillon can hold her head up on her own). :o)
Besides meeting up with my friends, I, of course spent the rest of my time shopping for Dillon and Greg. My bag was a whole lot fuller on the way back than on the way there. I'm gonna have to pack an extra bag the next time I go out there.
Lord, let me never be the sort of person who just talks about my baby...errr...though I think I did A LOT of talking about Dillon. But, then again, even before having the baby I was never one to be caught up on current events. Maybe I should resolve to change that. :o)


  1. yeah, i forget how old TL was at the time, but i remember telling tommy that it was sad cuz i didn't even really like going out with friends w/o kids that much anymore cuz i didn't have anything to say...other than tl-related stuff & i found that kinda pathetic...

  2. Heheeheh!! Aaaacckkk!! So terrible! 'bout that swine flu..