Thursday, April 21, 2011

NYC baby!!

D and I took a mother daughter trip to NYC. We had a really great time. She loved the subways, loved the taxis. Love the sweet treats. Yeaaahh....errrmmm, sadly sweet treats are truly the way to a toddler's heart, aren't they? How in the world does this happen??
Generally speaking, G and I do not really always let D have sweets. Case in point - no birthday cake on her first birthday. I try not to give her sweetened yogurts, no juice. Just because we feel that she has her whole life to fill her body with yucky sugar and artificial ingredients. Surely, we as parents don't have to compound the situation by putting these things within her reach at all times. Although I do bake a lot for her...I guess we just feel better about making ourselves because then we know exactly what goes into those goodies.
Well, all caution was thrown to the wind in those four days that we were in NYC. Hey, we were on vacation! Decadence is always a highlight.
D had two cream puffs for breakfast on Sunday morning...and on Monday morning she had Trader Joe's Cheese Puffs. She loves those. On Tuesday, for brunch she had a chocolate croissant and fruit of course, but just fruit alone does not a happy baby make. She's bored of fruits. She eats that all the time.
Tuesday night, before dinner, mommy bought D a beautiful semifreddo from Eataly NYC. It looked so delicious, the diners at the table next to us were oogling. I had to tell them the dessert did not come from the restaurant we were currently at. She was soo good at dinner after that luscious semifreddo for a starter. Then she went and fell off her booster seat (thanks to mommy's negligence and not strapping her in) and hit her head. The chef at Mercat (where we were dining) was so sad he sent over ice cream for her. I let her have it of course. But, luckily, the girl had sense enough not to finish the whole thing! And when we ate our dessert - a chocolate souffle, she also got a bite of that. Whew!! That is a LOT of sugar in one sitting.
But, I am happy to report that I do not think it had any real adverse effects on her. Sure, she did race from room to room singing and going generally berserko. BUT, when I put her down to sleep, she went right to sleep.

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