Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Diarhena (with a long "e"). Yes, that's what D says, "I have diarhena." She has a bout of some sort of stomach bug. She's had quite a few bathroom trips with liquid coming out of her backside. That makes her very sad.
We also had a 2009 play group at our house this morning, as well as her "nanny" (I put in quotes b/c don't most kids love their nannies? D, not so much when she's not feeling well) so I think the combination of all that just really wore her down. Was really sad to see. She was crying so hard she was hiccuping. Poor child.
Finally, we had to settle in her room. Anyhooo...she seemed to be really in low spirits, not very talkative or hungry for the better part of the morning and after we dropped Weilun off and came home and it was just mommy and D and a lot of cuddling, she seemed to come around. She was talking, eating crackers and the banana I cut for her and generally feeling better! Though she still seemed to be running a fever so I put her down for, I'm sure, a much needed nap.
Hope she feels better this evening!

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