Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Aaand she awakens

Whoa, as a follow-up to yesterday's diarhena post, I actually put D down for a nap around 3pm and she just ended up sleeping through the night! At around 8pm, I went into her room to turn on the humidifier and the space heater, she heard me rustling, but just turned over, tucked her arms and legs underneath her and snuggled right down to sleep some more.
At around 6:20am, I just couldn't believe that she was not awake yet so had gone in to check on her. When she heard me enter, she rolled over, jumped up and started jumping on the bed with a big ole smile! Guess she must've felt better!
She announced she wanted some milk so I gave her some...(probably not the best idea since you are not supposed to give kids any dairy if they are having stomach issues, but sometimes I forget that she can't diagnose herself and know what she wants) and she seemed fine. I fed her an egg. Loaded her up with some coconut juice - the best form of electrolytes and replenishment for dehydration, mind you.
Whhooops, around 10:30am, she started getting the squirts again. Poor baby. Just did not want to go to the bathroom b/c the whole liquid out of her bum is so foreign to her! But once she did and got it all out of her system, I think she was fine. I'm pretty sure it was the milk that did it. I tried it, and it was good, but for some reason I think her body was not into it this time around. Or maybe it was too soon for dairy. Whatever it was, she bounced back quickly and I think is fine now.
No more milk for the next few days, I think!

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