Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Is Mama so happy?

So, D has started to see when I am angry (mostly when directed at her) and she will say, "Is Mama so happy?" And I will reply, "No, because...x, y, z" and when she knows she's done something wrong. She will just be quiet, go along her merry way and then periodically, keep checking in, "Is Mama so happy?"
I think she'd been doing that for about a month. Just the other evening, however, she was being a bit fussy and whiney and asked, "Is Mama so happy?" I replied, "No.." She immediately got mad and cried, "DON'T be sad!! Be happy!!!" Seriously, demanding it of me. And then of course I looked at her like she was crazy (as is my style) and she shouts, "Don't make scary eyes at me!!"
Hahaha! She is so funny right now!!
Then another time she asked, "Is Mama so happy?" And I replied, "No. Can you come here and give mama a kiss to make her happy?" She played around a bit but then came over and gave me a kiss.
Well...now, I've kind of shot myself in the foot (so to say) because now when she sometimes says, "Is Mama so happy?" and I reply, "No.." She runs over and wants to give me a kiss to make me feel better. She will also say, "Kiss! Kiss!"
See, and my temper doesn't really subside that easily...so sometimes of course when I am mad at her and maybe she hasn't adjusted her attitude, I have to just be "happy" because she's come over to give me a kiss. (cue: rolling of my eyes. Way to go. Good one, B.)

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  1. My turn: I laughed out loud at the "scary eyes" comment! I think I've seen those scary eyes! Thankfully, not directed at me! :-D