Monday, June 21, 2010

A moment of pride

We attended a wedding this past weekend and to prep for Dillon's first night with a babysitter, we had our sitter come the weekend before to watch D for a couple hours while we went to catch a movie. Apparently, the first babysitting gig went all right. She cried for a minute when we left, then played and then after a few hours I guess must've realized that she hadn't seen G or myself materialize in a while and according to R, the sitter, she then started saying, "Mama" and looking around and then started crying. Half an hour later, we came home to a baby with big fat alligator tears welling up in her eyes. All-in-all, not too bad.
So, we were a little bit nervous with leaving her for the night with someone else to put her to bed. Mind you, D has never been put to bed by anyone other than myself and G. Once, we left D to be put to bed by her grandparents (Yieyie, Nainai and Popo - yup, all three) and she had all three in a tizzy b/c she bawled her eyes out the minute one would try to leave the room. Finally, my mom (Popo) who has seen how I deal with a crying D, just told G's mom (nainai) to leave her be. She will eventually fall asleep. And she did.
Alas, all our worry was for naught. R showed up about an hour before we were to leave the house. She played with D while I was getting ready and then we (G and I) both held her for a bit before we actually left. All was good! The report when we got home was that D didn't even cry when we left, she ate her entire dinner without any fuss and only cried for barely less than a minute before falling straight to sleep!
I cannot tell you the PRIDE that I felt going to sleep that night. My heart was bursting that D handled her first babysitting extravaganza so well. I am so relieved and looking forward to more occasions out now. Our baby is growing up. And not a moment too soon! I need one of those advent count each day until D turns 4.

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