Monday, June 14, 2010

I can't get away from myself

A couple weeks ago, my mom spent some time with us and when I watched her interacting with D, I essentially saw myself. Yesterday, D was getting on my last nerve...yes, I have days like that (not sure whyyyy my friend, L thinks she aspires to be a mother like me). So, she threw some of her food on the floor as she is prone to do when she is upset and I was so mad, I banged my hand on her high chair table and said, "No!"
And so...hello mom, mirror image going on here. I was feeding D dinner tonight and she was starting to get upset because she was tired and not feeling like eating what she was being fed. So, what does she do? She throws some noodles on the floor and then BANGS HER HAND ON THE TABLE! Continuously. Mind you, she is skyping with her grandmother and trying to make a point by continuously banging her hand on the table and looking straight at her grandma.

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