Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Head plant

Oh lordy...recently I have been putting D into the product portion of shopping carts (instead of the secured seat up in the front) because it seems to thrill her to be riding where she is looking ahead and actually sitting down low. I think you may have an idea where this entry is pun intended.
The other day, G and I were at Costco. We placed D in the big section of the cart and had stopped wheeling for a minute and were engrossed in a conversation about my sunglasses which I had just dropped and the lens had popped out. Next thing I see is D going over the railing of the cart (me screaming bloody murder from shock) and then D landing on her back on the floor. Costco, mind you, has cement floors. However, from the look on D's face, she seemed to be fine but went berserko after she heard my banshee scream. That probably scared her more, though I don't doubt her whole body might've hurt after the initial shock of the fall.
Ohhh, my poor all happened so fast! Who knew Costco's shopping carts were so low in the railings. D was very sad, but not inconsolable, thankfully.
All's well.

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