Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oh, I guess it was hotter than I remembered

I made D and myself some eggs this morning. Pan fried with shredded cheese. I used Habanero cheese...I don't know why I recalled this cheese as being not super spicy the last time I had it. But I guess I remembered wrong because D kept getting mad saying, "Hot! Hot!"
So, I just mildly told her, "Eat the bread, eat the bread" to counter the spice, but I still wanted her to eat the eggs. Not because I thought she'd be wasting the eggs, but because I want her to get used to eating spicy foods. :oD
I then got her a glass of milk that soothes heat which suited her just fine. We had a lovely meal of eggs and toast. Hehehe.

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  1. HABANERO!?? Not being hot!? oh, you make me laugh. :-D But ah ha!! Genius!!! Get her used to eating spicy foods!! Paulina's gettin' some Tabasco in her bottle tonight!! :-D