Monday, June 7, 2010


My does D have a temper! The other day, I'm sure I did something that made her mad...probably didn't pick her up or denied her some food. She marched over to her play kitchen and knocked EVERYTHING off of it. Just flung her arms around and sent everything flying. Not satisfied with that motion, she then picked a cap up off the floor and threw it. (Still no reaction from us. We were quite amused.)
She then marched herself over to where the cap landed, picked it up and threw it again.
Phew! I think she made her point. Still no reaction from us. Just me saying, "Wow, D, you sure are mad..."

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  1. You are the kind of parent I aspire to be, Bel! :-D hmmm...where does D get her temper from? You or G? Grandparents, must be the grandparents - skipped a generation. :-D