Saturday, October 10, 2009


Oh man, I've been slaackin on this blog! Let's do some catching up. While Dillon was sick, we had to make a trip to Pittsburgh! For Tom's book signing - Nordstrom Guide to Men's Style - at Nordstrom Ross Park Mall. Despite the fact that she was sick, she was a CHAMP!
She traveled well AND let my friend Lori hold her and play with her. Could be the fact that I handed her to Lori and Lori immediately took her to a stuffed doll and bought it for her...Or it could be that Lori has the magic touch. :o)
But then, D also let my friend Tiffany hold her later on at Tiff's house! Whaaat?? Who is this new baby who is so friendly? hehe.
She's usually so mommy-centric. It's embarrassing.
But all in all we had a great time meeting up with friends in Pittsburgh. And now D is all better!

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