Thursday, October 1, 2009

My gym

We just took Dillon to a My Gym class last week. It's like a Gymboree but privately owned here in the posh neighborhood of Brentwood in Nashville. Dillon LOOVED it. The class time was right around her nap time, but I thought she could just nap in the car on the way out there. Which she did so that really wasn't a very long nap. But, when she woke up she was so excited to see all the bright primary colors and the gym apparatuses. Oh, she loved it. They had a sing along in a circle to start the class and she was all smiles doing hand gestures with daddy. It was great!
We are going to try out the actual Gymboree in Brentwood next week as their prices are a bit lower and they have more options for classes.
Socialization is fun! They actually have a part near the end of classtime that is called separation time. It's where all the babies/toddlers are placed in the center of the room with toys, etc and the parents are supposed to sit along the wall so the babies get used to being away from their parents. Uhh, because Greg is so paranoid about germs, we clearly didn't do that part very well. Of course, we weren't sure how it was done, and I did let the instructor take Dillon and put her in the center, but I was hovering nearby and when I actually got up I noticed that all the parents were really far away..on the outskirts of the play area. Yes...of course. It's called separation time...I'll be better about that next time (hopefully sans G) since D really needs to learn to separate from us!!

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