Saturday, October 10, 2009

Solids for baby

Gosh, I'm a bit perplexed over this solids feeding for baby. I make the food and I feel like I am not expanding her food choices enough. I does one plan meals?? And it's so hard to determine what foods are appropriate for her age, knowing she still has no teeth.
Y'know, my friend C was telling me about her friend who goes to the grocery store only once a month and she plans the entire month's meals. She even writes down all dinners for the month on a calendar so her husband knows exactly what he's getting for dinner every night! OMG! Now, that's talent. I am in charge of only D's food. G handles food for us, or we collaborate but we wing it. Now, even though I am only in charge of D's food, I can hardly keep it all straight. I don't even know what she's going to have for breakfast that day, let alone lunch or dinner or any other meal for that week! It's crazy!
Btw, do you know how many yellow/orange foods are out there?? This is how I try to plan D's meals. I try to make sure she is eating more than one color of food so I hate when I only have let's say pumpkin and sweet potato..booorrring. I like to add a bit of green so I will give her peas or green beans or avocado. 'Course I try not to overkill on the avo either but it's so hard b/c avo is so EASY. I hate when I get stumped and have sweet potato, winter squash...a cauliflower/tomato/basil concoction that happens to be orange...what ELSE is there?? I just bought a purple sweet potato just to change up the color palette.
I have not introduced potato to D. It's just such a boring, no value added starch. No thanks.
She got turnips for dinner tonight. That was fun. Hmmm...I need to get more creative.

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  1. meatballs, turkey balls and chicken balls with all the veggies in them