Monday, October 19, 2009

Saying No

Dillon is soo funny! She totally understands the word no and it is so funny to see when she has something in her mouth or near her mouth and I say, "No!" She gets startled and immediately tosses that thing away. It's the funniest sight!
This morning, I was so pleased to see that she crawled over to a cord (which she looves - all cords) and she was pulling on in it. We were both saying, "No, no Dillon. Don't touch that." And she knows the word so she sits there for a minute and then she gets up on her hands and feet and crawls over the cord. I love when she gets up on her hands and feet! So, she walks over it and then crawls over to the wall where there is a spot of sunshine and hangs out there for a bit. The she crawls on back and when she gets to the cord, she doesn't even stop! She just goes back on her hands and feet and crawls right over the cord! Amazing! Our little Dillon is so smart! :o)

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