Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Yeah won ton!

Can I mention again how much I love the food mill?? Mine's a Kidco Food Mill. I made won tons for dinner last night and ground one up in the food mill for Dillon! She loved it and I loved it!
Hmm, what else can I grind up in there?
Well, actually, she really loves to pick up her own food to eat now so I give her pieces of avocado, cheerios, now will start giving her sweet potato and broccoli, maybe some beans...while I feed her.
She actually even gets mad if she can't pick up her own food.
Which brings me to another topic - her communication skills! Oh, poor dear, if only she could speak so that we understand. There are often times when I can tell she is yelling at us because she is not happy with what we are doing. It's so comical. I love when she gets to that stage. Hehehe.
And when she is bored with her current task and wants to be picked up, she yells out. It's a different yell than when she is reprimanding us which is a string of harsh unintelligible words. She is so funny right now.

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