Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sixth sense?

Does D have a sixth sense about what/how I am feeling?? I swear, that night that I wrote the previous post about loving her so much and not minding waking up in the middle of the night to feed her and snuggle with her, she gave us a doozy!
She awoke at 3am, crying for dear life. I went down and fed her, then rocked her. She was asleep when I started to put her back in her crib but then wailed when I put her down so I picked her up to rock her some more. So, I rocked her some more, put her down but then she started crying again. This time, I left her room to let her cry it out a bit. She fell asleep. But then woke up again not 20 minutes later! Crying for dear life again, which is totally uncharacteristic.
G asked if he should go down to rock her. Sure! So, he went down. Was rocking her for maybe 5/10 minutes before I hear him say, "Babe..." So I head downstairs and he hands her to me. Apparently, his brand of rocking wasn't satisfactory to her this morning. So, here I am again and now she is practically hysterical from crying and hiccuping now. I had to sing to her to calm her down (there's that singing again..) and then rocked her and then just sat and held her for a bit while she slept. Finally, at 5:30am I'm able to put her back in her crib.
Whaaat? Is she crazy? Where's her tooth if she's going to be that fussy??
Yeah..that's what I get for writing about how much I love her to death!! :oD

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