Monday, September 21, 2009


Am I really that shallow that when Dillon was just an eating, crying, pooping blob (just a few months ago) I wanted nothing to do with her..and now at 7 months I can't get enough of her. Yes, it's true...Her personality is really blossoming and she is so cute now that she is able to sort of communicate, she smiles and starts babbling really loudly and curtly when she is really upset at us which is really funny. Anyhoooo, now when I am holding her at 3am (yes, that still happens once in a blue moon) and rocking her to sleep, I just can't stop thinking how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this little child. I tell her silently in my head how wonderful she is and how much I adore her.
Yes, it's ridiculous. Four months ago, I couldn't get her off my body fast enough. Couldn't wait to get her sleeping in her crib and wanted to kill her when I had to rock her to sleep. Now, I just snuggle with her and snuggle with her. Oh I stand around sometimes and practice (what I know of) the cha-cha-cha and some form of waltz dancing that I try to remember from cotillion (back in 5th grade??) because that is what lulls her to sleep. She is back on the I DON'T WANT TO NAP stage..."But it's more fun hanging out with you guys.." "Don't leeeeaaave me in here...I don't want to miss a THING!" That is my baby translation for you of what she is saying when her little face crumbles into a big frown and big crocodile tears immediately squeeze out when we drop her off in her crib. Awww...poor baby. :o)

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