Sunday, September 20, 2009

Oh the temper...

Temper, temper this little one has...
She loves to feed herself. But only if it's easy and she can grasp onto things easily. For instance, she's into her Cheerios b/c she can grasp them and get them into her mouth. She is not so into her avocado pieces that I put on her table because they slip out of her fingers and she's not quite coordinated enough to pick them up lightly. And then she gets all frustrated and starts to yell and cry.

I just look at her very blase-like and say, "There's no need to cry..." unfazed by her crying.

G asked me once, "Why is she upset? Is it because she can't get to her food?"

My response was, "who the heck knows why she's upset..." with a casual shrug of my shoulders.

If I were to get upset every time this girl cried, well, then I would just be a little basketcase. I mean, for the most part she's a great girl. She seldom ever cries for real. BUT, she will cry when put down for a nap. She will cry when you put her in the car seat if she doesn't feel like she wants to be in it. She will cry when she can't get to something whether it's while she is crawling or sitting. She will cry if you take something away from her.

But, I just ignore her and then she stops. :oD Hehe! This training thing is kind of fun. I love exercising my power over her. Muaahhh hahaha.

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