Thursday, September 10, 2009

No singing..

What did I tell you before? In a previous post? I said, in order to train your child to sit well in a car and learn how to just chill and enjoy the car ride, maybe fall asleep in the car you should NOT sit in the back with the baby...
Yes, that is what I did early on because I was stupid and G and I had the luxury of both being home with the baby so of course, when we exit the house we are all always together. Awww, what a happy family. Not so much. Not so much good for baby. She now HATES, I repeat, HATES being in her car seat. Sure, she is a good baby so she tolerates it mostly. But, there are days where she just has a major meltdown and goes berzerko for the entire car ride. Really?? Really, Dillon? Are you for real??
So, another thing you should not do, is try to sing to your baby to calm her down. Because that is what I did and now guess what usually can work when she is fussy in her car seat? Yes, singing...That is fine when I am in the car with her by myself...or with G even. I don't care if he hears me singing in my off beat, cat cry sort of voice. But, lordy, sometimes we have guests in the car! And then I have to sit and sing. Mortifying! Just mortifying. For myself and for our guests. Ohh, the things this baby puts me through.
Hmm, next on my list - how to get her to relax in the can I accomplish that? More rides with just me and her? Hmm...hmm...she is always challenging me, this little one.

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