Saturday, September 12, 2009

The sleep

I still can't believe that Dillon actually sleeps through the night! She goes to bed around 7:30/8pm and sleeps until 5:30/6am. But when she wakes up at 5:30, she doesn't even make a peep. She plays and rolls around in her crib. Sometimes, she cat naps and then around 6am or more then she starts getting a bit louder. How do babies have such internal time clocks?
Dillon was so funny today. I had plans to go to the International Food Festival at 11am and that usually works with D's nap schedule. She'll go down for a nap around 8/9am and sleep until 10/11am. Not today. She went down for her nap at 8am and woke up at 8:40am.
Sooo, I basically just said, "Well, she's just going to have to adjust to our schedule and just sleep wherever we happen to be." No crib nap.
As expected, she stayed up all morning and then when we got in the car to go to the Fair, she started wailing, going berserko. Me, I apologized for my horrible singing, but had to sing to calm her down. Mary, my friend, then also sang to her and played with her. The thing is, she is just soo tired but doesn't quite know how to fall asleep in the car on her own and of course if someone else is back there, she just wants to play.
Eh, she ended up falling asleep in her stroller for an hour! Yeay! But, then again when I was placing her in her car seat to go home, she's wailing again. Wailed all the way home (it's maybe a 10/15 min drive). This girl...she is somethin' else.
I must work on that. I must work to fix her car problem. Maybe I should stop sitting in the back with her?? Hmmm...

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