Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This evening D was just so snuggly. This is a rare occurrence. Well, I'm usually very "run, run, run. Let's go do stuff. Gotta do this while we are doing that." Sure, I spend time with her sometimes but my mind just keeps thinking of other things I could be doing at the same time. Tragic, I know but that's just how I operate!!
Anyhow, we had M and JB over last night. They spent the night so D spent time playing with JB all night. Then this morning, we rushed off to Playschool and then after school we headed up to Obachon's house to have lunch with M and JB and Obachon. On the way home, D fell asleep.
When she woke up, it was 5pm. As usual, she wanted to have a "tea party" in her room so we did. Then I convinced her to go to the kitchen so we can make some fresh squeezed orange juice. Then I made dinner. While I was making dinner, she was asking me to read to her or draw with her so I did a bit of that while cooking. Then we ate dinner and after dinner we drew a little bit more but then she crawled into my arms and asked me to take her to her room.
I carried her in to her room and then she just snuggled in my arms. We were having a conversation here and there but then there would be times where we would just be quiet and she would just sit there content in my arms.
It was the craziest thing. Very, very sweet. My only thought is that she just needed some Mommy and D downtime after all that time spent with everyone else. Why do I think that? Because once (at band camp...ha) when we were in SF with G's sister and D's cousins, at the end of an evening, D just wanted to be with me. And G had said, "Mama, come up here. D just needs to spend some down time with you." Normally, he's the one that reads her her bedtime story...but out in SF, she didn't want that. She just wanted to be with me at the end of the day.
Isn't that crazy that G was so intuitive? He just loves D so...
I should really spend more alone time with her. I mean, I've always just considered having her on my hip 24/7 as "being with her" but it's not really. She wants and probably needs focused time. I will try to be more cognizant of that.

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  1. Love the band camp reference. tee hee. Tommy & I used to do that a lot. ;-)
    TL's preschool used to tell us to do "20 minutes" with the child everyday. Something to look forward to. 20 minutes just to reconnect & spend quality time together - no interruptions. ah, I should circle back to do that with TL. He really did enjoy it, as did I. Our relationship was always better after a 20 minute session. There is always so much "to do" though...