Friday, November 4, 2011

Oh this how it is going to be?

Oh, D is a clever little girl...yesterday I wanted her to clean her room. Of course, still practicing that "conversation" parenting as opposed to blatantly ordering her to clean her room. "Make it her decision, not her actions as a result of just trying to do your bidding." That sort of thing. Right.
So, I'm asking her nicely. She is refusing. So, we move on.
We are now in my room and she's left a wooden doll, Jessica, in my room so I am asking her, "D, can you pick up Jessica and put her back in your room at least?"
The doll is sitting on the floor. Nothing else around it, clearly visible.
And D is saying to me, "Where? Where is she?" She walks over toward my desk (away from the doll) saying, "Is she over here?
Me: "Nooo, she is right there. On the floor."
D: "Where, mama? Over here?" as she walks over to the closet...right near the doll but clearly not looking down.
Funny? Yes, maybe now but more infuriating at the time so I responded, "Oh, you're going to play like that? If you're going to ignore me, I will ignore you too. Two can play at this game!"
D is perfectly content with herself. As I storm off into the kitchen, she follows and then plops herself onto the couch with a book and just entertains herself. Perfectly happy that she pissed me off AND didn't have to pick up one single toy. Grrrrr...

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  1. Yes, Belinda. They always end up winning. They always win. ;-/ D is sounding quite a bit like sympathies to you.