Sunday, November 6, 2011

Gosh, go take a nap or something!

Take a nap! go play in your room! Do something other than bother me while I am trying to sweep the floors. I'm sweeping the floors today and D wants to help. (Aww, how sweet some people might say. Yeah, not so much I say.) She wants to help by holding onto my broom while I sweep. Veerrrry time consuming. Then I say, "D, this is not very effective. Why don't you go sit over there while Mommy sweeps." Then Daddy gets a great idea, "D, why don't you go get the dustpan and help mommy when she's ready to sweep the dust into the dustpan!" Great idea.
Annd, again (great idea in theory. Not so much in execution). She is holding the dustpan a few inches above the sand and dirt so nothing gets into the dustpan.
So, mommy says, "D, thanks so much for wanting to help! But now I think you are too close to the floor. I don't want all the dust to fly into your face and into your eyes..."
Daddy comes to try and help her hold the dustpan.
Aargh!! Can she just go take a nap or something??
Then in trying to be in the spirit of her being helpful I say, "Hey D! I have a better idea. Why don't you get the duster and sweep over the floor that mom has already swept! It will help me pick up the dust that I missed with the broom."
She seems to be a bit bored with this task and instead is waving the duster above her head, poking the television with the handle to which daddy is reproving her.
Then she is dusting the piles that I've created with my broom...essentially undoing what I have done (which, by the way, she does quite often - like when I am folding laundry and she comes by and pulls them all down onto the floor. Some people might just smile at that, but I frown upon that. Don't make me do extra work!) Aaack!! Toddlers...Bah!

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  1. Yes, the extra work kills me!! As if I don't have enough to do already!!!