Tuesday, July 5, 2011


It's been kind of quiet on here lately. Mainly because we just moved from N to LA and we are homeless. :o) Kind of a lot going on here trying to manage schedules. And having D spend time with her grandma, her grandma 2, her grandpa and her grandpa's wife, another grandma. Whew!
Anyhooo, moving has been pretty cool. We explained the whole process to D as it unfolded:
Don't mess up the house, we are trying to sell it. There are people coming to look at our house.
Once we moved out and were staying at our neighbors: We are now staying at Court and Andrew's house. That is not our house anymore. And she would repeat while looking at our (old) house from the window - "That's not our house anymore. We are moving to Los Angeles."
And now that we are in Los Angeles, oftentimes she will ask about her friends in N. Well, more their moms like, "Where's Faye? Where's Jennifer?"
And I will say, "She is in Nashville."
And D would say, "There is no more Nashville..."
And I of course would explain to her that Nashville is still in existence, we just don't live there anymore. We live in Los Angeles now.
The funny thing is, right now we are staying with a friend's mom but visiting my father and my mother at their respective houses. And now D always asks, "Who's house are we going to?" When I say we are headed home.
Thankfully, we have found a home and will be moving in and settling in soon.

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