Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Hsiao peng yo no longer

A couple posts ago I wrote how D had a new imaginary friend that she referred to as "Hsiao Peng Yo" (literally translated from Chinese: little friend). Well, for some reason, D does not treat this "little friend" very well at all.
She will ask, "Where is HPY sitting?" And if I respond, "Right here, next to me." She will run over and sit ON her declaring, "I just crushed HPY."
I mean it just goes on and on like that. Some days she'll ask where is HPY and I will say next to her waiting to share some food and she will reach out and say, "I just hit HPY" or "I just ate all my food so HPY doesn't get any." I mean, WTF...
So, today I got sick and tired of it and when she asked, "what is HPY doing?" I responded, "Well, D, you don't treat HPY very well so I am not going to play this game at all anymore."
And refused to respond to any inquiries into HPY.
I mean, I don't know where this is coming from but it's kind of disturbing to me. I can maybe understand this type of behavior if there was a new sibling in the house - maybe she needs to get her aggressions out or something, but this girl, she's a bit spoiled if you ask me so why in the world would she feel the need to be mean to her imaginary friend?
Maybe just to irritate me. Not sure.

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  1. omg...i had to lol...wow - little dillon - mean girl in the making!? yeah, HPY ain't gonna take that, Dillon!