Monday, June 20, 2011

Hsiao Peng Yo - Little Friend

D now has an imaginary friend. She started referring to it a few weeks ago but just now is getting really into it. For instance, every time we exit the house and get in the car, she wants me to put "Hsiao Peng Yo" into the car seat too. When she is eating, she wants me to lift HPY into the high chair as well.
It's kind of funny but also kind of tiresome sometimes when we keep having to remember to get "HPY". But the funny thing is - I'm trying to use HPY as a way to get D to really embrace sharing...and I don't know that it's working all that well. On the way home today D was eating some snacks and she kept asking, "What's HPY doing?" Finally I responded, "HPY is sitting next to you and she'd like to share your snacks."
D's response, "No! I can't share my snacks."
Me: Why?
D: Becaaaauuuuse. You give her snacks.
Fine, I will give her some snacks...blah.

BUT, sometimes it works in our favor because D always wants to be first so when she is goofing off (which is ALWAYS) as we prep to leave the house, I will say something like, "Okay, fine. Then I'm just going to put HPY's shoes on first." At that, D always comes running, "NOOOO! I have to put my shoes on first!" Done. Now we can exit the building.

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