Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Melt down? Hysterics?

Hmmm...D did not take a nap today. Well, she fell asleep on the way out with G. He was on his way to an errand and she fell asleep. Of course, I blame him b/c he should've put her down for a nap when she was supposed to go down. But whatever. She's gone without naps before.
So, she falls asleep, he puts her in her crib. She's maybe asleep for 10 more minutes? And then wakes up? G blames the fact that the walls in our new house are so thin and she wakes up because he is talking on the phone. Perhaps? But usually she is pretty good at sleeping through everything. She's never really been a very light sleeper.
So, she doesn't nap and I take her around on some errands with me. By 4pm we're on our way home and she falls asleep 5 minutes before we get home. It's 4:30. There is no way she is napping at that time so I wake her up when we get home.
We hang out, eat dinner...all the while she is acting up, being bratty. Not listening, obviously b/c she missed her nap.
Now, we just put her down to sleep and she is in hysterics. Calling out my name, crying, screaming, hysterical...ugggh. Hate listening to it but I know there's nothing I can do to help her short of going in there and taking her out which would obviously be the wrong thing to do because clearly this girl needs to SLEEEEP!

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