Monday, July 11, 2011

Savin' it just for Dad

Why is it that sometimes D is just on her worst behavior with her dad? Or is it just that everything seems compounded when he is around because I am aware that he is HYPER-aware?
Take for instance yesterday - we went out to lunch with the fam. D had taken a short snoozer on our way out to the restaurant (which was about an hour away). After lunch we decided to go into Pasadena to the kidspace museum up there - activities, climbing apparatuses, water play...
I mean, she has gone full days without naps without overreacting. Yet, of course, with her father around, she throws a complete fit in the car as we are driving my sister and niece back to their place. She is screaming at the top of her lungs, crying hysterically...saying she wants to "go home to Nashville" She wants "her own bed"...that sort of thing.
Mind you, right after we let my sister and niece off, D stops her hysterics. But still...her father's response - "Never again. We will never push her. She NEEDS her naps."
Oh, bother. Please...she does not need her naps. Give me a break....

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  1. Hey - Paulina is breezing past naps a lot of days now, too...makes playdates easier! :-) Until the meltdowns, of course. ;-D