Thursday, July 14, 2011

Don't play with water...

Sooooo, D discovered how to spray water from the sink spout by holding her hand right under it and spraying water all over the place. I am currently practicing NOT losing it at her so when she does it I kindly remind her not to play with water like that. It makes a mess and it wastes water. She tried to do it again today when we were at her school and while I was able to prevent, I could see she's just short of doing it again if given the chance.
This evening, she did it again and I kindly reminded her again not to play with water. She just laughed her mischievous laugh. In my mind I am a bit panicked as to how to help her realize that it is not proper to play with water in the bathroom (especially at school) without spanking her or something. There, I said it, yes I do spank her sometimes just to get the point across and I am working on stopping that nasty reflex.
Well, something in the universe must be on my side because she jumped off the sink laughing as I my voice is probably trailing behind her reprimanding her water play and then here she comes running at me into the bathroom and slips in the water she just splashed onto the floor! Slipped and fell back on her head. There you go. There was my lesson.
I picked her up promptly but did not let the lesson go unnoticed. I told her, "Oh nooo, baby. You slipped. You see? This is why mommy tells you not to play with the bathroom water..Daddy then chimes in, 'we don't play with water inside'..." And then I point out to her, see the floor, it is wet from the water you splashed.
There. Lesson learned. I hope. We'll see what happens tomorrow when she brushes her teeth.

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