Thursday, June 2, 2011

Time out

G is more into giving D time outs than me. I just don't see the point in them...
He's put her in two time outs since she's been old enough to understand. One time, she was being bad so he took her into the other room and placed her on the sofa and told her not to move. She sat there talking and singing to herself.
The second time he put her in a sort of time out was when she was just going bananas, crying and crying inconsolably for no reason. So he put her on the blue sofa away from us and told her she could just sit there and cry. She then started crying for me...and I tried to reason with her. "D, why are you crying? If mommy comes to get you, will you stop crying?" That sort of thing. Can't remember what the turnout was but if G puts her in a time out, I do try not to interfere.
Tonight was a real time out. G was telling D not to bang her spoon on the table. She didn't listen. He then confiscated the spoon so she picks up her fork and starts banging, really slowly and deliberately! G flipped. Removed her from her high chair and stuck her in the corner looking straight at the wall and told her not to move.
Oh was quiet for a minute at which point, I was thinking, "It's not going to work. She's just going to sit there and play."
But, no, I was wrong. She started bawling. She was so sad and then started crying out for me. "Mama?! Mama?!..." I didn't quite know how to respond as I did not want to negate G's disciplining. But then she started crying, "Mama?! Mama?! Where arrre you?"
Awww, so sad!! So I got up and tried to reason with her. "D, daddy put you there because you were being bad. You have to listen to Daddy..." more crying.
Then I think G got sad because then he was trying to tell her that he will get her as soon as she stops crying.
I tell you...disciplining is some HARD WORK! I just...I just don't know how to do it sometimes. I get so frustrated at not knowing how to get her to listen sometimes. I don't know. I just don't know.

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