Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sleep Training Clock

Hurrah for another great invention! This one was certainly invented by a mother who had too many early risers. On the recommendation of some of my mommy friends, I purchased an American Innovative Teach Me Clock. Why? Because D wakes up REALLY early. Now that the sun gets up so early, she is up early too.
You can set this clock to change color at a certain time. For example, I've set D's clock to turn green (this is the only color it changes) at 6:20am. Yeah, do you see that? I am setting her clock to 6:20am because she wakes up between 5:30 and 6am!! And I can't imagine making her stay in her crib, entertaining herself until 7am. That would be torture and I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work. It's all about managing expectations here.
And, it's been working great! G and I think that D gets up really early because prior to this clock, we would tell her before bedtime, "Good night, remember, only get up when the sun gets up." And now that the sun is getting up so early, we had to go to plan B.
And now I tell her, "Good night. Now remember, only call mama when the light on your clock turns green."
And she does! I hear when she wakes up and she will roll around in her crib, play, sing whatever. Then when the light turns green she announces, "Mama! The light is green!" And then I go down to get her. It's really cool!

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