Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Okay, okaaay. I guess there are happy moments in motherhood and I am pretty tickled over the things that D does.
Just running this morning back through my mind: I am getting her ready to go to L's house where J will watch D, and three other kids this morning. By now, L pretty much expects some popcorn whenever he sees me or D. So I tell D to grab her backpack. Mommy's putting some stuff in there.
She gets it and sees what I am putting in.
I say, "Okay, we're going to fill your backpack up. See, here's some cottage cheese (her eyes light up), some fruit, then here's your spoon. Now we're putting the popcorn in and the blueberry muffins. She's getting really excited now. And then I get her sippy cup, fill with water and we're done. She wants to carry her backpack.
I say, "Are you sure? It's pretty heavy cuz it's got a lot of stuff in it."
She replies, "Yes!"
So she puts it on her back and we walk out the door.
When we get to Leif's house, I get her out of the car and remind her she needs her backpack. She throws it on her back and runs up to Leif. She says to Leif, "I've got a lot of stuff in here!" cute!

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