Friday, May 13, 2011

Just making a note

Since this blog was first started so that I could document all my trials and tribulations as a mother so my friends that were having babies after me could refer back or at least read and feel a sense of kinship, if you will, I felt I needed to make a note here.
Just the other day, my friend was asking me, "at what age do you stop having them cry it out??"
My answer at the time was, "Gosh, I don't know...I guess it just always applies if you feel your child needs to nap."
And here is my note. Just yesterday, we had to just let D cry it out in her crib. She did not want to nap but we felt she needed it. She cried her eyes out, screamed, carried on and then I guess finally went to sleep. I had left the house for an appointment and G is actually very good about just ignoring her.
So, she finally napped and when she awakened, her voice was actually a bit hoarse from all the screaming she did earlier. Oh well. Now she's fine. :o)
Oh and by the way, she is 2 years and a couple months.

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