Wednesday, May 18, 2011

But am I fostering the right characteristics?

I often think about that when I am interacting with D. She is very playful and loves to run around when we are trying to get her dressed in the morning. Then again when we are trying to get her to put her shoes on...she runs around and laughs and laughs. Sometimes, I laugh too and play along.
But, there are days when I am just not in the mood because I am seriously trying to get out the door. On those days, I get really grumpy and put on my grumpy face and tell her to "quit messing around!" "Mommy is not playing with you. I'm going to count to three and if you...." She usually sobers up with those words.
And it is during those times when I then flash back and think, "Well, by being so serious, then am I fostering a lack of fun and humor in D?" Will she then just take herself too seriously because I didn't want to play with her?
Seriously...this question applies to many things, many instances. I can't think of them all now but I know I am constantly asking myself that question.

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