Sunday, May 15, 2011

New besties

When I was in Palm Springs for five days, D was being babysat by our friend, J who's son, L is one of D's besties. I mean, she really loves L but L is kind of stand-offish sometimes. Though I think I recall J mentioning that D and L have conversations together (in their own toddler language) and he just lights up when she talks to him. That's sweet.
So, the week before I was leaving, D spent 2 hours at J's house on Friday and 2 hours on Monday (same days for the days that I was gone). The following week, G took D to J's for four hours - 9am - 1pm both Friday and Monday.
Oh how D just loves J.
Yesterday, we went to craft time and D was really excited to see J and L. She even said, "we will see L and I can hold his hand!" My response, "Well, not sure if L will want to hold your hand, but you can try..." Oh pessimist you might call me but you shall see...I was not wrong.
D was so sweet with J. She kept looking for them and then at one point she had sat down next to J and leaned her head on her. SO SWEET!!! I'm guessing aside from mom and dad, J and L are the next two people that D really feels comfortable with.
Okay, so here come D all excited to see L! She runs over to him, he thinks she's trying to take his car from him so he starts to cry and say, "No! No!" So we move onto something else. Then he gets out of his car later and is walking around, D is chasing him because she thinks it's funny. Does L join in the fun? No. He is again screaming, "No!" and crying. So, again I have to tell D, "D, L doesn't want you to chase him right now."
Oh, it hurts my heart to have to tell her that. I can see the joy in her eyes as she loves to play and run around and well, L just wasn't feeling it. It's fine. Everyone is entitled to their own personal space sometimes (especially a 2 year old who's had to share his mom for the past few weeks - I'm pretty sure if the tables were turned and I was babysitting L at our house, D would not be too happy with L...) But still, it was very sad for me to see that because naturally, as D's mom, I want her to always have fun and always have a positive reaction from her "friends". Booooo....

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