Saturday, December 4, 2010

I working

Oh goodness...oftentimes D plays and will walk around with a little tote hanging from her arm and say, "Bye! I leaving. I go working." Yes, we know she gets that from daddy running off to work some days. But today, today takes the cake. She is sitting down in front of daddy's computer and saying, "I working!" Then, she asks daddy where his phone is. She gets his cell phone, puts it up to her ear and starts typing on the computer saying, "I working!" Now, that she gets from mommy. That's crazy.
But a funnier story is when we were in Puerto Rico with our friends last week. They have an almost three year old son. One night as we were all hanging out, we had the music playing and D right now looves to dance. So she's dancing around and we tell D's little friend, A to dance. He looks around, finds the mini remote control for the iHome and holds it to his ear like a phone then starts bouncing up and down and dancing! Whaaat??!! And when A puts the mini remote down, D proceeds to pick it up and dance around with the "cell phone" to her ear.
Amazing...really. And it really is funny to see because there would be times where D and A will be sitting next to each other on the couch, silent, both intently staring at the iPhones in their palms. A is watching a movie and D is playing games on mommy's phone.
And yet, we look at each other and here we are - Daddy's on his iPad, A's dad is on his iPad...then we are passing A's iPad around playing Scrabble among all of us. What technology-laden lives we lead.

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  1. We are planning to play iPad Scrabble here Tuesday night with our phones as our tile racks-we don't have an iPad yet but a friend is coming over with hers.