Thursday, December 30, 2010

Potty training

Hey, I think we're kind of getting the hang of peeing in the potty! The other week, D was running around without her diaper on and she ran right over to her potty and peed! Yeay! We were all so proud and made a very big deal. Then, the other day she's pretending to go potty while mommy's in the bathroom and she actually did go pee in her potty! Again, very big deal! Called Daddy in to see and also make a big hullabaloo! Baby steps here.
Oh yeah, and the other week when she had so smartly gone to the potty to pee all on her own, she also did poop on the floor later without even batting an eye. It was as if she didn't even know she had poop coming out behind there. Just stood there. Odd. But like I said, baby steps.
This morning, I took D's diaper off and it seemed rather dry still so I asked her if she wanted to go pee on the potty. I took her into the bathroom. Told her to wait a minute while I find her a book and before I even got back, she had peed in her potty! Yeayyy!! Again, a very big deal all around. We even went upstairs to wake Daddy to tell him the good news!
Truly, this has just been experimentation since the book I am reading says the two signs that a child is ready to be potty trained is 1) She tells you when she has a dirty diaper and needs to be changed (D does not do that. In fact she seems to be perfectly content to sit in her own poop til someone discovers) and 2) she should be able to pull on and off her own pants. (well, that seems like a "duh") So right now we are just doing whatever and this whatever just seems to be working.

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