Friday, December 10, 2010

Running up the stairs

Now whyyyy would I ask D to come upstairs with me "real quick" to get something?? "Real quick" and D don't quite mix...
D jumps up and says, "Yeah!!" Then she happily steps on the first step, then starts counting, "Two, Three, Four..." And then looks to the left and says, "Bye-bye Humphrey. We'll see you later. Bye-bye Ya-ya (duck). We'll see you later." What she's looking at to our left would be her play area that pretty much has all her toys. So, you see how this process of saying bye-bye to all her stuffed animals would pretty much make my trek upstairs a moot process.
Why do I do that to myself? Oh yeah, that's right. Because nature has made a mother's brain mush so she constantly forgets all the stupid things that happen so instead of taking steps to avoid, we go and do it again. Kinda like getting pregs again. Now whyyy would I do that? Oh yeah, that's right - cuz I forget how painful and irritating childbirth was...right?

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