Wednesday, December 29, 2010

An independent spirit

D has such a wonderful independent spirit in her. We just went to Chattanooga for a few days to take D swimming at a hotel that had an indoor pool. There's also a great discovery museum for kids there, plus some great dining for mom and dad.
I mean, this is what I love about D and her independence. She was watching a little girl jumping and swimming in the pool and D just wanted to take off and do the same. She kept saying, "Bao Bae tse chi yo yong." (Bao Bae swim by herself). I had to keep explaining to her that if I let her go, she would sink so instead kept trying to teach her how to hold her breath. Not an easy feat after all she can't really tell what I am doing when I hold my breath...if only we could color our breath...
Today we took her to a bouncy indoor play area called Monkey Joe's. D loved it and was running around and running around. She just was so crazed because she knew she couldn't hurt herself if she fell. It was awesome to see.
What was really funny was - there were these cars that you could ride for a quarter and of course, D loves to pretend like she's driving a car. (the more to be like Mom, I'm sure). But she doesn't just sit in the car and turn the wheel. She really turns that wheel with purpose. I mean, I looked at G and said, "Uhh, she is clearly going to be a speed demon when she grows up..." I don't know where she gets it from. I am a pretty mellow driver. I am certainly never speeding, but I think it's just innate in D to just be passionate. And maybe a little bit crazy.

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