Friday, October 1, 2010

Round and round...

I don't know if any of you have checked out DM's blog lately. If you have, you'd see that she has this nasty little mosquito bite on her cheek that has become a terrible looking scar and then another boo-boo right by it that also has scarred. This scab thing, open wound has been plaguing us for at least a month!!! Darn Mosquitos! Wouldn't have this mess to deal with if we were living somewhere sane like LA...or SF...
Anyhoooo, D has this terrible mosquito bite that just doesn't get better because, 1) she picks at it as she is falling asleep (no bandaids can keep her from it) and 2) she often sleeps on her face and then rubs her face on the sheet and that irritates the scab too.
So, in order to avoid excess face picking I have now been relegated to driving her around and around until she falls asleep for her naps. Otherwise, if I just put her in her crib, she will just pick and pick as she is talking, singing, what not until she tires and falls asleep.
We still have the problem of her possibly picking at the scab when she awakens (in the morning or from her naps) but while I do go in there and put bandaids on her face while she is asleep, they are almost never still there when I go to get her. Sigh.
It kills us. We hate the thought of her forming a scar because of stupid little mosquito.
I have heard of parents who would drive their children around so they could fall asleep, but I had never been one that had to do it. Now I have become one and yup! It's just as I would've imagined - Annoying.

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