Friday, September 24, 2010

Who's your daddy??

Who cares? "mama" is the word of the day, month, maybe year. :o)
When D was born, I was sure she was going to be "Daddy's girl". Not only because G is certainly the cooler of the two of us, but because truly he loves her more!! His heart hurts when she cries. I just shoot daggers at her. Okay, I don't. My eyes just glaze over cuuuuz..I don't care when D cries.
But, nonetheless, D wakes up every morning and every naptime calling out MY name. When she is playing, she often calls ME over to sit with her.
I ain't gonna lie, it certainly is heart-warming. I love this child. :o) How egotistical of me, I know.
This was never more apparent than on our recent trip out to SF. We were at a friend's house and I passed D to G because I had to use the restroom. Surprisingly, D started wimpering and crying despite G's reassurance that mommy was coming right back. Shocking, really.
But more surprising was what happened to today. She had come out from her nap. We were hanging out and then G came to hang out with us. He asked her if she wanted to watch reading, which is to watch her "Your Baby Can Read" DVD and she said, "Yes."
So, D and G are watching the video and I walk across to the couch and announce, "I'm gonna take a nap."
Shortly after I shut my eyes, I guess D started crying. We didn't know why. And then she was saying, "Mama. Mama" And I would just open my eyes and say, "Yes Bao Bae" And then G would say, "Mama is napping" and then that would set the tears flowing again! That is so weird.
And G tells me, "It was so weird. She was just standing at the table, watching the video and her eyes just started welling up and then she started crying."
Awww...pooor baby! She's just yummily adorable.

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