Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oh waddle, waddle

Go away...don't come back any day...
Yes, in my old age, I have the arm waddle. Anyone ever watch "Ally McBeal"? That show often referenced the "waddle" the extra sagging skin that hangs out between your chin and your neck. Usually happens to older people. Well, I have the arm waddle - the extra skin that hangs out on the underside of your upper arm between the armpit and the elbow.
Usually, I avoid noticing the arm waddle by never waving my arms up high. When I see people, I wave with a little crooked arm and a curving of my fingers to indicate "hi"! However, it is made painfully (pun intended) evident when D wants to play the "night-night game" (play napping) on the ground and as I am lying there with my arm outstretched, she comes over and either steps on or kneels on my arm waddle! Since it is obviously lying flat on the ground, outstretched from my arm. Pool girl thinks she is siddling up to me all snuggly and I'm writhing in pain because she's on my waddle. Curses.

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