Friday, October 22, 2010

Waking up to singing

Okay, I LOOOVE animals. Animals of all kinds - even if you are a raccoon or coyote raiding our campsite. G and I took D camping again last night. This would be her second time. I think she thoroughly enjoyed it.
So, early this am, I am awakened by rustling outside by our trash bag (that sits maybe 1 foot away from our tent). It's on a post, but we forgot to close it. So, it could've a been a raccoon, but due to how high it was above our heads, we are inclined to think it might've been a canine-type of some sort. Ooh boy would I have LOVED to see the dark. Even maybe just it's silhouette. Sadly, we had the rain tarp over the tent so the windows were covered. Boo.
So, it was really lovely to hear the rustling. But, better still was when D started to wake up (sure, it was probably around 5:30am) and this is what we hear. We hear her singing (in her super cute baby voice), "Somewhere...pale moonlight" "Somewhere...pale moonlight" Oh, my heart just about melted.
Now let me give you some backstory. Ever since D was young, I've sung to her. Not because I have a great voice (or even a good voice). I just thought some singing would soothe her and it actually does. It works GREAT. However, now that she can speak she is often ordering me to sing, "Mama! Tsang ge!" (English: Mama, sing!) So, I always defer to the only song I kinda know all the words to which is Somewhere Out There from American Tale - Fievel's song. :o)
And then I'll also sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. But lately, since she is always telling me to sing, I've been singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had a Little Lamb so as to save poor G's ear drums. I figure you can't really butcher up the melody on the latter two songs...
She often will say, "Mama! Tsang Mewy Lam" and I will sing Mary Had a Little Lamb. She's never really asked me to specifically sing either of the grown up songs. Probably because she couldn't really articulate.
So I was so surprised and happily gushing to hear her sing the lyrics as she knows them. SOO CUTE!
And then on the car ride home this afternoon she says, "Mama! Tsang Over the Rainbow?" OMG!! I was floored! Well, of course I can sing that for you!
The funny thing is, when G tries to join in, she says, "No. No daddy sing." And yesterday, when we were driving to the campground and she was really overtired and crying to have me sing to her, she went bananas when G tried to join in. She was already very teary-eyed while I was singing to her and when G joined in, she lost it and was screaming, "No! NOooooo! No daddy sing!!"

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