Friday, October 22, 2010

Success! And then accident!

Today, D was running around without a diaper. I've been letting her go bare-bottom b/c she gets such crazy rashes. She ran into the bathroom and pulled out her porta-potty. Then sat in it, then brought her step stool over to throw her feet up (don't know where she got that from...really!), paused and then got a book. She sat down again and then surprised me and her by peeing! Oh, I made such a big show. "Yeay!! Good job! You pee'd! Yeayy!" Then daddy came over and congratulated her also.
A couple of hours later, we are skyping with the grandparents and she pees on the floor. She started to cry but only a little. She was not as distraught as the first time so that's good. But then again, is it good? Perhaps she will end up thinking it's okay to pee anywhere? Fun. The joys of parenthood.

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