Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The mosquito bite

D has had an open/healing wound on her face for probably more than a month now. G and I are crazy over it. We can't stand the sight of it and it's taking forever to heal because not only does D tend to sleep on her face (rubbing the wound on her flat sheet), but she also tends to pick at it. It doesn't seem to bother her - it's just something to pick at.
It started as a mosquito bite that she scratched and became an open wound. Then somehow it became two boo-boos. Then while we were trying to fix it with liquid band-aid, somehow all the messing around seemed to give her a pimple so now it's three open wounds! NOTHING helped. The liquid bandaid just made her want to touch it more.
It's finally come down to driving her around for her naps to make sure she doesn't touch it while trying to go down for a nap. While I drive, I keep the mirror on her and sometimes I catch her hand moving up to her face and I have to snap at her, "Don't touch your face!!!"
After she goes down, I sneak into her room and put a band aid on her face. This inevitably finds its way off of her face by the time we go in to pick her up from her nap, but at least she's picking at the band aid, and hopefully, not her face. The band aid also keeps her wounds from being rubbed on the flat sheet.
Lamented to my sister about this mess yesterday and she gave me the brilliant idea of also putting band aids over D's fingers so she can't scratch them! So, that is what I did today. Drove her around. Then put her in her crib fast asleep. I then snuck in, slapped a band aid on her face then two little round band aids around her two fingers on her right hand (pointer and middle). We'll see how we fare with this....I hope it doesn't leave a permanent scar.

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