Sunday, January 29, 2012

Red Eye

D and I flew to NYC on the redeye last week and she was a CHAMP! Yes, that's champ spelled in caps because my girl who always screams when people turn out the lights or whenever anyone tries to sleep was a perfect passenger. Our flight was at 9:25pm. I definitely had her take a nap in the afternoon and made sure it was an early one so she went down for nap directly after school. By 1:30pm she was sleeping. She woke up around 3:30pm and was happy as a clam, obviously super excited for NYC.
Also, I had told her days before that we would be taking the red-eye and people expect to sleep on that flight and that they would turn the lights out and we should all sleep. I think she listened intently.
At the airport, I pulled out a delicious snackie for her - a blueberry muffin made by her grandma 2, Mrs. D. Finally we boarded the flight. I'm pretty sure the television screens at each seat helped a bit but she was really tired by the time we boarded so I was able to convince her to close her eyes and sleep. Sure, it sucks to sleep on a plane but she probably got about 2 hours in.
After we arrived, she was still very sleepy but not one bit cranky. Just went along with getting our luggage, waiting very patiently in the taxi line, riding the taxi (she actually fell asleep for maybe 10 minutes in the taxi) and then when we got to S's apt (7am) and got settled I was able to convince her to close her eyes and go to sleep for the next two hours! Amazing.
This is the girl who never goes down for a nap willingly. She's been really good this trip! Thankfully!

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