Sunday, January 22, 2012

The hiding gnome

There seems to be a gnome flitting about our house hiding things. Oooh, but it's actually D at that age where she can move things around but sometimes just can't grasp the fact that she took something...
Case in point, the other day I was looking for our mini flashlight to take the dog for a walk. It usually sits on the front table but was not there. Immediately, I just think it's G and his penchant for always straightening.
Me: G, did you take the flashlight?
G: No, did you check the drawer in the kitchen?
Me: Yes, and it's not there. I remember seeing it on the front table but it's not there anymore..
Then to D: D, did you take it?
D: No.
Me looking around some more...then G says, D! You were playing with it today, weren't you? I think I saw her playing with it.
Me: D, did you take the flashlight??
D, thinking....then thinking and then a light bulb going off: Oh! Oh! It's here! I put it in my purse!
And she goes to pull it out of her purse.
(rolling my eyes now) This is one of the times where she actually remembers taking and misplacing something after some prodding from dad. How many other times have things gone missing? I seem to always be missing things nowadays.

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