Thursday, January 5, 2012


We finally decided to put D into the Waldorf in our area. We had put her in Riviera, hoping the free-spirited environment would pull her out of her shell and make her just as rambunctious as the other kids are. They are all excited to get to school, they throw their lunch packs on the lunch table and then run and play.
After four months at RP, D really never did stray far from "home base" the porch at the school. She tended to stay near her food, only venturing out minimally.
G and I thought she would probably thrive more at Waldorf.
Well I don't know if she is thriving (just yet - she only just started on Tuesday) but the inclusionary aspect of Waldorf really keeps her in the throes of the action. The older kids seem very nurturing and interested in D as well which is also helpful. This Waldorf actually is an all ages school since it is so small.
I have to say, on the first day (I stayed for the transition period) watching D jump right into Circle Time and participate in all the movements even if she didn't know the words really brought tears to my eyes. It's nice to know we made the right choice.