Monday, December 26, 2011

Sleeping with the Enemy

Hahaha! I thought that would be a clever title for this post. FINALLY, D has slept with us in bed!! Yes, after two years and ten months (well, not counting those weeks when she first came home and slept on me..) she finally slept with us!! I LOVED IT!! It was so sweet to have her sleeping between us. Her sweet little head nestled against my head. Then, when she switched positions, she held onto my hand as she slept. So dreaaamy.
I have always been very jealous of my friends who had early risers, but could pull the little tyke into their beds to gain maybe another hour of sleep. D would never do that. When she woke, she was awake. Don't try to stick her into our bed. She would have none of that. Everybody get up...
But last night, she was sick. She woke up at 4am saying she wanted out of her travel crib (she had been sleeping in her travel crib in our room so her cousins could stay in her room). So, I just unzipped her crib and left her to her own devices. Didn't care what she was going to do with herself because as far as I was concerned, she needed to be sleeping but to leave her in her crib zipped up would've meant her crying at the top of her lungs.
Lo and behold, I don't know what she was doing when she came out of her crib, but shortly thereafter, she crawled up into our bed and slept right by our heads. We got to sleep in until 7:30am!!! That was a blessing!! Hallelujah!! That was my xmas present. :oD

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