Monday, July 12, 2010

Raising our Children, Raising Ourselves

This is the book I am currently reading...Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves.
Clearly I need to move faster to get through this book. Currently only on page 19 or 20...
One of the points made early on is, obviously, stop to think before you actually react (unfavorably) to an action your child has committed. In this one section, it says to - take a moment and act out in your mind what you would like to do - yell, scream, tear her head off (the last four descriptors would be my own).
Today I am having one of those days. I want to tear D's head off because she will constantly say, "Milk, milk" so I give her her milk but instead of drinking it, she likes to turn the sippy cup around and spill it all over the place. All over her hands, her shirt..whatever. She is playing with her milk. And sometimes now she doesn't eat her food, she wants to play with it.
Yeah, sure, "it's a baby's job to play with her food..." But not if I have to be the one to clean it up. Yes, I have my days where I am easy breezy and I just do whatever. Keep giving her food, milk, snacks and clean up after her mess. But then I have my agro days where I am ready to kill someone because she keeps playing with her food. I feel like she's old enough to know exactly what I am saying and she needs to heed. But, then after I stop and think I think, "well, I know she knows she's not supposed to be doing this, but she is doing it anyway because she wants attention...." Boohoo. Poor neglected baby. Blah.
Yes, off to read this book immediately after I put her to bed!!

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